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Thank you @HackerEarth

Many moons ago, I was involved in several rounds of interviews at the same time. At the end, I had 2 job offers on the table and one flight to Lima. The flight was not directly related to those offers but it was the perfect catalyst for me to ponder and evaluate those options.

At the end, I said yes to a fast growing startup based out in Bangalore India. I was going to join HackerEarth.

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10x times thinking

Many months ago I read Jocko Willing’s Extreme Ownership and I loved it. I really liked that simple, yet powerful idea of being in charge of your life.

Today, I finished Grant Cardone’s 10X thinking and even though I thought the book should have been a “long read” instead of a whole book, I really enjoyed the principles to achieve success (however, things like making 29 phone calls within 26 minutes was like “Dude! Slow down and go deeper on each call!)

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