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10x times thinking

Many months ago I read Jocko Willing’s Extreme Ownership and I loved it. I really liked that simple, yet powerful idea of being in charge of your life.
Today, I finished Grant Cardone’s 10X thinking and even though I thought the book should have been a “long read” instead of a whole book, I really enjoyed the principles to achieve success (however, things like making 29 phone calls within 26 minutes was like “Dude! Slow down and go deeper on each call!)


Just as an exercise to myself, I have decided to share the list that Cardone created to summarize the book. All the credits go to him:

  1. Have a “can do” attitude: nothing is too big if you have the right approach
  2. Believe that “I will figure it out”, my personal favourite. This one is all about the trust you put on yourself when you make a call based on little information
  3. Focus on opportunity: live the now and build for the future
  4. Love challenges
  5. Seek to solve problems: Is perfectly fine to say “I don’t know” but after that, a “I will find that out” should follow
  6. Persist until successful
  7. Take risks
  8. Be unreasonable: thinking 10X is very unreasonable, but like Cardone says, is better to fall short aiming to get a $10M salary than a $1M one.
  9. Be dangerous: Dare to do things that at first might look scary.
  10. Create wealth: not only financial wealth, but emotional, cultural or for your family
  11. Readily take action: At IBM I met Guido Gerlotti, global VP for ecommerce; he would answer every mail within minutes, even now. He’s always ready to address something ant get that done
  12. Always say yes: have you ever watch Jim Carrey’s “Yes” movie? Well, is all about the endless possibilities you will have when you dismiss all the no’s for yes’
  13. Habitually commit
  14. Go all the way: do not flake midway, reach the end
  15. Focus on “now”. The past is gone
  16. Demonstrate courage
  17. Embrace change
  18. Determine and take the right approach
  19. Challenge traditional ideas
  20. Be goal oriented: write your goals down, have them with you at all times
  21. Be on a mission: have vision
  22. Have a high level of motivation
  23. Be interested in results: use metrics and track your progress, measure your way forward
  24. Have big goals and dreams
  25. Create your own reality: hang out with amazing people
  26. Commit first, figure out later:
  27. Be highly ethical
  28. Be interested in the group
  29. Be dedicated to continuous learning
  30. Be uncomfortable: do not fall back and relax.
  31. Reach up in relationships: be interested, follow up, be omnipresent
  32. Be discipline: build and respect your rituals, stay healthy and invest in your body and mind

Once again, this whole list belongs to Grant Cardone.

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