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It is that time of the year again. Wake up, feel like traveling, going to the train station and just improvise. This time we went to Bologna, the largest city of the Emilia Romagna region in the north of Italy.

After a 3 hours trip on train, we got to one of the most important cities in Italy when it comes to culture, food and architecture (Bologna is also “the smartest” city in Italy, given it connectivity and open data initiatives). The city is also one of the wealthiest in the whole country and it was selected as one of the “music cities” by UNESCO.

Interesting, no?

When it comes to economic and trade, Bologna is one of the most important hubs to move goods, mainly through motorway and railway. Also, the city is turning in one of the most “healthy” cities for economic growth, focusing on agricultural raw material transformation and zootechnical products (like the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group or Granarolo).

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The city is also known for its rich story on big companies: the COOP retail and its huge fiera space, where the biggest fairs in Italy are organized yearly are from Bologna. Also Ducati, Maserati and Lamborghini were founded here.

I have to say that as soon as we got there, the thing that impressed us the most was the huge amount of asians, specially from Bangladesh and Taiwan; as I asked them, I came to know they live there and mainly set shops where the whole family works (modus operandi worldwide for this groups).

We stayed at a small hostel and the first night went out to try a tipical italian Trattoria. This guys are world famous for its Bolognese sauce, but since we don’t eat meat, we went for tagliatelle with pomodoro and cheese. The place we chose was La Trattoria de Tony and let me tell you it was a huge disappointment. Poor food and attention.

On sunday it was all about the sweet tooth; I really like the Sicilian granita and a huge ice cream of panna cotta covered in a thick layer of chocolate and pistachio.

On sunday, la piazza maggiore turned out to be the main attraction, along with a gorgeous church that open its doors to let tourist visit for the first time the private museum within the building. Truly impressive (I imagine what is going to be like once we visit Roma). Also, “Il Festival de Cine sotto le stelle” was debuting with an old italian flick. Loved to remember the open cinema at Santiago and feel the summer came again.

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The two Due Torri towers were also impressive and it was awesome to wandered in the antiques market and porticoes in Piazza Santo Stefano.

After a brief but intense visit to Bologna, I can say that I still prefer Torino, Genova or Verona. It was good, but I have seen better. Off to the next one.

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