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Bucket list: Palazzo Adriano

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Do you know me? Good. Then you know my favorite film is Star Wars, right?. Right? Well, not McCoy. You wrong. My favorite all time flick is Cinema Paraiso.

Have you seen it? That beautiful masterpiece by the unequal italian maestro Giuseppe Tornatore shot in 1988. That beautiful coming of age movie shot in Italy in which -the now famous cinema director - Salvatore Di Vita remembers his life in a hidden small town in Sicily. There, he met Alfredo, his master and friend, he fell in love with the most beautiful woman but most importantly, he met the cinema, the biggest love of his life.

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Well, that movie is my all time favorite.

And we can’t forget about the soundtrack; Ennio Morricone elevates himself to a whole new status when he plays that timeless scorecard for the movie. I remember he visited Chile a few years ago. Emotions and memories were made flesh and bone when he performed his famous music.

And just recently I started thinking about the locations were the movie was shot. A friend from Palermo (the capital of Sicily) told me some scenes were shot in Africa, which resembles the south of Italy, HOWEVER, the small town we all remember has a name and its located in the heart of the island.

Palazzo Adriano is the name of the town where the movie was shot over 25 years ago. I have never been to the south of Italy and I can not honestly think of a better excuse.

As soon as I book my tickets "to Cinema Paraiso" I will update this post and documentate a trip down memory lane, a place where the movie magic is absolutely real. Like granita, arancina or the all mighty Cassata siciliana.

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