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I think I have written the word “India” countless times for the last two months. I just can’t seem to get enough of the sub-continent. Every day I learn something new (śukriyā, which means thank you is my latest word) and it feels like a need a whole lifetime to breathe India.

It’s going to be 2 months since I got here and I truly wish I had a longer way to go. What I have found in IIM L its a gorgeous blend between study and learning, with beautiful friends. What I have found here it’s not quite easy to find out there. That’s why i'm already nostalgic writing this lines and thinking on how badly I will miss this experience once I'm out.

However, I would like to share some info on the country. Figures that are crazy for me and probably for you as well.


India is the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations known to men. It is the 7th largest country by area, 6th nuclear superpower and one of the fastest growing economies in the planet. Last but not least , India is the biggest democracy on the planet, and by 2040 should leave China behind to turn into the biggest country (today, it has over 1.2 BN inhabitants).

Fortunately, such a huge empire has the philosophy of non-violence. The Indian Army is the 2nd largest, yet it has not invaded any country in over 1000 years. Over its life India has manage to blend the influence from invaders (mainly moguls and britishers) immigrants and its own people to move forward. The country is the birthplace of 4 religions, it has the largest mosque in the planet (I visited Jama Masjid and commented the adventure on another post tag under New Delhi). Currently, it manages to have people praying to so many gods that you would loose account.

This melting pot is living proof on how tolerance and diversity can manage quite good under one roof (in this case, the flag, cricket, IT and Bollywood). India breaths one nation from Kashmir in the north, all the way down south, to Kanyakumari.

India occupies 2.4% of the whole worlds area and it has over 60% to 70% of the world’s biodiversity. Curiously is the only country in which you can find lions and tigers living together. Apple’s Snow Leopard is an homage to one of the rarest animals in the world, living right here, in India.

I have written so little, yet told you so much about this huge and impressive country. As time goes by, I dive deeper and deeper on India. Can’t wait to keep on learning, doing business and eating my way, all the way from the south to the north, back and forth.

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