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Through my life I have come to understand that in order to lead others, first you have to lead yourself. And to know yourself, you have to go through a lot to succeed.

Most people surprise when I tell them I want to live to 100 years old, but I cannot help it. This life is too beautiful to let it go or stop exploring. There is so much to be done and so much to learn out there.

Before turning 30, I have accomplish several personal and professional goals. Im happy and proud, but still I remain as hungry and ambitious as my first day.

Currently I’m writing my first book and I just joined the government of my country in Italy to keep on building Chile’s image abroad, which is a huge source of pride and joy for me.

Along this way, I have carried several experiments on myself in order to understand and apply discipline and leadership.

I'm always trying to improve, discover new things about me and polish my weak points.

So far, I have reach a few conclusion I would like to share:

  1. Vision is key: If you don't know where are you heading, is pointless to keep on moving.
  2. Work smarter, not harder: Effort itself is pointless if you are not applying the strenght correctly.
  3. Always trust your six honest serving men: why, how, what, who, where, when.
  4. Lead by example: If you have to stay overnight, do not go home and let the rest do all the dirty job, but be involve.
  5. Don't be the working hero: If in managerial position, do not work overtime every single day. You will make everyone else look bad. And if you have t work overtime daily, then several things are done the wrong way. Urgent exist only because something was not done properly in time.
  6. Always respect trajectory and listen: That is why we have two ears and one mouth. Otherwise, we would have two mouths. Silence is powerful as well.
  7. The power of negative thinking: Quite unique approach, but being aware of my weak points and what could be wrong will prepare me way better than “hoping everything will be all right”.
  8. Be aware of others (observe): Remember that you work with people. Rely on them, trust them and make sure to know them. Never trust the man who is polite to you and disrespectful to the janitor.
  9. Be passionate: As I said before, I plan to live to 100 years old. There is no point in doing something I don't love. Passion is the best engine I can think of.
  10. NO!: Learn to say no. Its quite important to choose wisely the type of activities you get engage with.

I was not in the personal development classes since I decided to explore India while on exchange, however, there I learn a whole lot of things that can only be taught by exploring on your own.

A very important portion of my personal and professional learning on the MBA happened outside of the classroom; my interaction with the class, with a foreign city and myself outside of my comfort zone taught me quite well where I'm standing, where do I come from and where i'm heading.

At the end of the day, I have only done ⅓ of the journey.

Sincerely, Cristián Guajardo-Garcia| Milan, 2014

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