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No, I have not flight to Torino back and forth. I visited the city right before christmas, when the MBA was really hectic and the time was a scarce resource. The getaway was necessary and at least for one weekend, I forgot about everything.

The city is one of the most important business and cultural hubs in the north of Italy, capital of the piedmontese region and home to worldwide brands such as FIAT (automotive), Juventus (soccer club), RAI (tv & radio), Maserati (luxury cars) or Kappa (sport clothing).

Torino is worldwide known as the “Detroit of Italy” because of the multiple quality car brands they have created over the years (FIAT, Alfa Romeo or Lancia among others).


We rented a beautiful and spacious room right next to the Porta Susa railway station. The trip from Milan is quite fast and smooth. From there, we started to explore and get familiar with this beautiful city.

Among the places we visited, I truly loved:

  • Piazza Vittorio Veneto: Right next to the Po river, this place its placed in the heart of the city. It is surrounded by several shops and great cafes. This is the biggest baroque square in all of Europe and center for the nightlife.
  • Ponte Vittorio Emanuele: The view here its tremendous. We visited at night and even though it was cold, you could really see the majesty of Torino. Someone told me the bridge was built during the french occupation, by Napoleon.
  • Piazza Carignano: Here, its the beautiful Palazzo Carignano, which was housing the Parlamento Subalpino, but today the place has been transformed into the Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento. Here, you can also find the Teatro Carignano which is truly beautiful.
  • Piazza Carlo Alberto: Here, the city created an artificial ice skating park. People from all over were queuing for their turn. This piazza is quite nice since it's surrounded by the Biblioteca Nazionale and the Palazzo Carignano


  • Museo Nazionale del Cinema: If you know me, then you know I felt like a fat kid in a candy shop. This place has it all. A gorgeous store, an impressive structure to arrange several genres and highlights of the italian movie history. When we decided to enter, we never thought the place would be this impressive on the inside. Huge, really neat, dark (as in a cinema) and really well taken cared of.

  • Exki: This little shop was a saviour when we were hungry. I really liked the self service, food and ambiance. Perfect to eat healthy and on the go.

Just one weekend felt good to get a glimpse of the city. Since christmas was just around the corner, all the streets were decorated and street fairs had a lot of homemade food to delight us all. Unlike Milan, Torino was not as cold and if it was, we fixed the weather with one of the world famous hot chocolates they have downtown, which are made using brands such as Caffarel, Streglio or Venchi.

We miss the Juventus stadium, but its ok. All the rest make it up. Maybe next time we will stay longer. Also, the Egyptian Museum of Turin, the FIAT Museum and please, some piedmontese wine! Those will be left for some other occasion.

Ok. Back to India.

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