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2 months into LOL

The phenomena

For the last 2 months I have been playing LOL almost every single day. Everything started out, as a casual thing but as times went by, I have been growing my game, getting to know the esports ecosystem in Chile (and the world) and I even actually met KLG, the strongest LOL squat in LATAM.

If you haven't heard of LOL you can check out this small video

Got it now? Well, that is only the tip of the iceberg. As you start the immersion (as I am now) you will realize you are facing one of the most gargantuan games ever put together. And it’s not only me who thinks that way, LOL is currently played for over 75 millions people worldwide (you got that right, 75 millions of active accounts) and they (or should I say we?) form of one of the strongest communities out there.


This is the next frontier. Here in Chile, the biggest indoor arena -the Movistar Arena- has been sold out twice in a matter of hours to witness Desafio, the regional LOL finals. This is big deal. I mean, huge deal. In Asia, the US or Brazil, E-Sports are reshaping the way we relate to professional gaming.

Imagine putting FIFA, NFL and WWE together for this tournaments. The extravaganza, the brackets, qualifications system, the drafts and most importantly, the paraphernalia. It all comes together when we watch LOL, in such a spectacular way.

Here KLG is leading the way. The team lead by R4ver is owning the local scene, getting the sponsors and spreading its fame in the whole continent. Yet the challenges to turn the scene into a pro scene are the same for everyone alike. Chile and LATAM do not have a professional E-Sports scene, and with RIOT Games landing in Santiago that is about to change.

For the next couple of years, RIOT will be working hard to develop not only a professional league, but also a semi pro and amateurs leagues to “feed” the pro rankings. By doing this, RIOT plans to build a hub for professional gaming that supports one of the most eclectic communities ever assembled (yes, I Am talking again about the community, but is so darn good!)

The LOLers are a very unique group. You have cosplayers, you have heavy hitter nerds, you have casual gamers and you have trolls. So many trolls. But that’s the way it is. With the good and bad, the community remains healthy, active and demanding. So demanding actually, that the whole e-sports ecosystem remains as a operational cost to feed this big community-monster.

Let's play

As time goes by and I keep getting deeper into this phenomena, the world surrenders to the power of MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) and the economy built around it. BTW, my summoner is 5561CL. Let’s meet at the Summoner’s rift

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