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Farewell 2015

Well, it's that time of the year again.[^1] Time to look back and evaluate whatever you have done. Have you stick to the goals you visualize and wrote down the year before? Do you have any idea about the goals for the upcoming year? Now it’s when you evaluate and smile (or frown) on what you have done.

Ever since I read Arnold’s Total Recall I started writing down my goals. The big ones and then the smaller ones. The exercise has proven to be a great way to keep the things that matter within my reach. And fortunately, I have achieve most of them. Even this year, in which I did not fullfilled all of my goals (some of them were pushed back to 2016 and some were completely removed) I did got a few that matter deeply to me and will have big repercussions in my life.


This year I ticket off acting off my bucket list. Such a big deal! It was something I really wanted to explore and see what it was like. Turned out to be something awesome and I even met a great bunch of people.


Work was weak. It can and will improve. I spent most of the year with a startup from SUP Chile. And even though we reach the end of our road together, was a good experience.

My main job however, was “outside” of the office. I invested so many hours working on my cv, job applications and the 3 interviews that I had (really, I got 1 interview every 2 months). At the end, I invested in myself. I read some great books and visualize what I want for the future.

No kidding, you can see my Flower Diagram here [created by Dick Bolles].

So, when you are looking for a job (a job itself) you have the chance to explore your inner self. Your goals, longings, priorities and actual scenario (both, at a personal and professional level).

Tough year overall. But here I Am, planning the next one. Trying to play along and accept. Doing my best to deserve the good things and being good to manage the not so good ones.

==Thank you 2015.==

The favourites

Travel spots: Sintra, Portugal

Ellhamdullillah, we had the chance to travel and Portugal stole the show. Sintra and Lisbon were 2 beautiful cities indeed (sorry London, but I had to). The food, weather and views were absolutely gorgeous.

Books: Rousey, Build to last, Ahead of the Curve This were my favourite books (it was actually hard to choose) for several reasons: “Rousey” summarized the struggle perfectly. It talked to me directly and I felt every single page as mine. “Build to last” was in my wish list for a couple of years and I finally tackled it. No wonder why it's a classic. “Ahead of the Curve” was my definitive goodbye to the MBA. I relive every day, sensation and challenge portrayed in this book. I'm glad I read it after getting my degree, otherwise it would have been a major spoiler of the whole experience. The 3 of them, page turners.

Food: Hamburgueria do bairro, Varanasi, Daniel’s When it comes to food, the best vegetarian burgers are in Lisbon and Santiago. Hamburgueria has the “Portobello” still undefeated as the best. Varanasi, in the heart of Santiago it's a huge contender though. Last but not least, Daniel’s Bakery is a dream come true. The best cakes and pastries out there people. Truth is actually out there.

Others: Tanis, Walking Dead NML, Master on None. Podcasting overall (here you can check out my top 30 for 2015) butTanis was (and is) a huge experience for me. Even though there's so many great podcasts out there, Tanis is one of a kind. I started listening without expecting much and I'm craving every new episode. The storytelling and acting at its finest. Walking Dead is the first game that I actually play in over a decade. I jumped from a PS2 to mobile and I’m amazed! the mechanics, the graphs and compelling story. I'm pretty sure I wont get any other game, but at least this one was worth it. I do not watched movies or tv series, but Aziz Ansari’s Master of None was a truth delight. Such a great and compact comedy. Perfect for a sunday afternoon (yes, the whole thing).

[^1]: Gracias 2013


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