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Letters to my unborn kids: Vision

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Let’s continue right off where we started one month ago. Before we were talking about money and this next subject is completely related to it. Vision

I wake up and start my day at 06.00, I pursue a very healthy lifestlye, I read an average of 2.5 books a month (for the last 10 years) and I have achieved most of the goals I have settle. It sounds pretty good (it’s way better to do it, actually) and so many people compliments my productivity skills and mostly my ability to do what I propose. Most of them don’t. They decide to congratulate me while they do not work on themselves as hard as they could.

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I have think so much about this. Why some of us sacrifice short term rewards, for a bigger purpose? Why some of us pursue goals with a crystal clear vision while others don’t?

It all goes back to having a vision. The way you envision yourself. The person you would like to be. The man or woman you are meant to be. This idea has so many branches, but in my head is quite concrete and real.

Where would I like to live? Who I would like to spend my time with? What I would like to look like? But most importantly, what type of person I would like to become?

I know is a huge statement. I also know that it takes a lot of reflection and thinking to determine that. But is worth it. It is actually worth it (to invest all of that time) because in time of trouble and uncertainty, that light will be your strenght and saviour. I can promise you this.

When you have develop a vision of you as a person and the “ideal you”, you will have reached a huge paramount as a person. Once you are comfortable with that, then do some reverse engineering to reach your current self. It’s pretty much like figuring out what happened before a season finale: What happened to the characters to have reached that state?

This is simple an algorithm you will create.

Several small steps that will take you every day, closer to that person you have envision. Your better self.

However, let me tell you is fine to change your mind half the way. If something happens, if you life changes for the best (or not) or if you just feel you don’t want to go that direction anymore. Then you -as a flexible person- will change direction. This exercise it’s a highly valuable practice that will only teach you and improve the knowledge you have of yourself.

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For me, people are like companies and the other way around. I clearly remember all the time “we wasted” trying to determine the vision and mission of a company. At that time, the professors I had were poor and none of them was able to explain (really) what it meant to develop those mantras. It was time, the master that actually taught me not only about vision, but why it mattered to my life.

Now that I'm in my early 30’s, I can assure you that these light ahead has saved me so many times. Has awoken me when my body begs for rest and has help me decide when in doubt. It’s my internal guide. My vision has become my little internal companionship. The one that lights my way when everyone else is away. The one that makes fear disappear and strengthen your true self.

Before wrapping this up, let me give you 2 examples of people I look up to: The first one is Eisenhower, the second one, is Ben Franklin.

Both were extremely curious. But not only that. They were true achievers. Franklin and Eisenhower have impressive summaries (I also think about Leonardo in this category) and when you read on them, productivity is a word that often come out. Why would you think that be? My two cents is because they simply need to achieve more (and better) in order to reach the goal they have set. Procrastination is worthless and not even mention.

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Let’s wrapped up. Invest time and resources to develop your vision. Travel, read, study, play and learn. Then unlearn and relearn. Once you have mess around, you should be nearer of that image of yourself you want to achieve.

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