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I believe London was never in my agenda. It can sound as a no brainer once you are in Europe but growing up I was all about the US. I grew up with Nintendo (yeah, I know is japanese but still), The Simpsons and Coca Cola, meaning my biggest references came from Uncle Sam and not the queen. However, last week I had the chance to spend my birthday in one of most electrifying cities in the whole planet.

I have to tell you that since I landed in Gatwick I flipped. The big queues to enter the country reminded me I was not in Shengen Area anymore. Everything was new for you boy.

After I told the immigration officer I came to spend my birthday in Baker Street I grabbed a large Costa coffee and hopped in a train that took me to Central London. I was not aware I was arriving on rush hour, so you can imagine how surprise I was when I saw this huge human sea everywhere. I thought I was prepare for something like this but I HAVE NEVER witness a bigger chaos.

After getting home and dropping my bag in the place I got through Airbnb we left to a huge mall in Stratford. Then again, I felt like a tiny ant entering this huge circus. The Apple store was like a whole school, Starbucks was not only beautifully designed, but it was like a proper house and Abercrombie and Fitch build an actual front house to store all of its items. The Westfield Stratford City Mall was completely nuts. At least an asian dinner at Wagamama and a movie cool me down. However, after I went home I was still absolutely wired.

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Let me pause here. If you know me, then you know I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , and as I told the lady in the immigration office, one of my main goals for this trip was to spend the day having tea with my man Sherlock and my boy Watson. This guys sparked my imagination when I read all the novels and short stories they were involved in. I have such fond memories of this duo that I could not simply come without paying my respects to them.

The following day we did it all. The Big Ben, The London eye, The Tham river, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus. You name it! We also ate our way through London (however, no fish and fries for me). Turkish food, soups, sandwiches and natural juices where the favorite choices. Pret a Manger, Eat, Jiraffe and the absolutely nuts Sugar Sin kept the belly filled.

Now, when it comes to the prices, London has both: I bought a whole suit for US120 but a daily ticket for public transport was almost US20. Pretty expensive if you ask me.

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However, expensive as it might be, I felt that things happen in London. Unlike Milan, London is a fully developed city. A megalopolis in which everyone is integrated to the daily flow and everyone is accepted.

After a very intense trip, It was time to come back home and recover. I swear I have never been to a place like London (no NYC, Shangan or Mexico City for me yet) and I truly want to come back. There is soooo much to discover yet.

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