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Summer is gone and after a quite rainy and busy week, we decided to visit one of the biggest food fairs organized in the north of Italy: Milano Golosa

This 3rd edition - as usual- highlights local entrepreneurs working with raw material from several parts of the country. Here, you can find providers for several types of products, try some samples, talk to the owners and eventually, do some business with them.

The idea is that after visiting the event you will “know”, “do” and “taste” all the italian flavours, and in order to do that, the organizations has put up some interesting sections like the Università della spesa in which you will know how to identify quality products or also, how to store them once they have been opened. Or you might attend the Officina del gusto in which you can get involved in events such as “cocktails made out of grappa” or “La spillatura del prosciutto”. We went on saturday and let me tell you, it was packed.

As you can imagine, the food was somehow focus on 4 main zones: formaggio, prosciutto, sweets (mainly panettones and chocolates) and wine-beer. At the same time, you had several events in parallel going on in which people would participate by doing -for example- a pesto sauce that would be tried by a panel of very funny judges (one of them said the pesto reminded him of “the sea”).

Among the wonderful things I tried there were this heavenly cookies with solid chocolate pieces in it (big chunks actually), 100 months old cheese, mozzarella di bufala (which was being done on the spot) and also, a gorgeous panettone covered in actual gold. What I understood after seeing italians do their magic is that the country keeps on exploring the idea of “luxury food”. They invented the slow food movement, but they are still pushing the boundaries of food by creating -not only events like this one- but products that can be compared to LV shoes or bags, something completely unexpected to me.

As some of you might know next year, Milan will host the universal Expo Milano 2015 which will be all about “feeding the planet”. This is a good idea not only for the issues we face as society, but also to explore some interesting new ways to evolve our ongoing relationship with food.

See you next year Milano Golosa.

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