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Uppsala, Sweden

My 2nd city in Sweden could have not been better. Uppsala is the 4th largest city after Stockholm, Mämlmo and Gothenburg. As soon as you get out of the train you can tell the average age is low. ‘University low’.

Uppsala has one of the most prestigious european universities and students are everywhere.

Even though we came for the day, we walked everywhere and get a real sense of what the city was like. I must tell I was impress by the amount of people cycling. Everyone was on a bike and every building seemed to be ready to receive all of those cyclist

To visit

Museum of Evolution: It belongs to the University of Uppsala and displays the University´s collections (fossils, minerals, animals, and plants). If you´re a student you don't pay, otherwise you pay a small fee.

Uppsala Cathedral: Monumental. Truly impressive and the one landmark of a gorgeous city. It reminded me this magical places you see in some european movies. The cathedral watches the whole city (is the tallest and largest cathedral in Scandinavia) and inside, you can see Gustav Vasa´s tomb.

Uppsala University: Large, beautiful, alive. You can actually feel and hear ‘minds working’. The architecture is absolutely impressive and this place is so large, that we actually spend most of the time in its library, museums and surrounding areas.

Gamla Uppsala: Uppsala is small. “Uber small”. You can go everywhere in a bike or just call an Uber. Gamla Uppsala (or old Uppsala), is a mythical place in the outskirts of the city; you can wander among the royal mounds, ruins and burial sites for a fascinating insight into how ancient Swedes lived, died and what they believed in.

Carolina Redivia Library: The Uppsala University Library is impressive. The place is a “stunner”; the reading rooms with their tall columns, high ceilings and high windows, pick out a volume and feed your mind. A cool fact is that this library does not only has books, but manuscripts written by Beethoven himself and a rare copy of the silver Bible (or Codex Argenteus)

To eat

Güntherska: When you feel like fika, this is the spot to be at. Great food and tradition. They also serve sandwiches, salads and soups with vegetarian options. This is one of Uppsala's oldest cafés. The elegant environment with its high ceilings and beautiful interior create a regal atmosphere. Even though now it was cold, I know that by summer, they have outdoor seating and that is simply great. The view and atmosphere made Güntherska a must when in Uppsala.

Overall, a gorgeous city to spend a day or week at. A bit cold but truly exceptional place in Sweden.

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