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Favourite(s) 2016

Can't help it. I love lists. And here's mine for 2016.Brief but sweet.
PS: Here are my complete listings for Podcasting and books.


I have been listening to diverse podcasts for at least 3 years now. I have discovered so many good and cozy places to go into when I walk. Such a good storytelling I can always rely on. I have a long list of podcasts shows I like, here are my favorite episodes for this year.

The Guardian: Is China’s gaokao the world’s toughest school exam?

Zero to Travel: How To Get A Second Passport + Taxes and Banking For Nomads Radiolab: Seneca, Nebraska


I can’t feel I have been to a new city without trying the local food. Im might not always like it, but I’ll sure try it. In India, the best food places for me are asian, japanese-vietnamese asian. I have discovered all the power of ramen and I can't go back. I have also discovered the powerful taste of punjab food, dense, energetic and tasty as it can get. Something like the indian super food. Last but not least, my tiny sushi spot in Santiago. Near my place, it will never go wrong. After going to the gym, Sumo Sushi will have the greatest Chirashi of them all.

Hermans, Stockholm



I stopped watching movies altogether. I have been 2 to the movies this year (The Conjuring in Chile and Inferno in India) and I do not regret it; if I have the time, I’ll just get my iPad and watch some Netflix. My favorite series for this year, Midnight Dinner and Stranger Things. Both are captivating, dark and mysterious. Both are drastically different as well. Each time I’d watch a episode I’d be transported somewhere else. Pure magic.

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