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You never sell what you're selling

Once you have uncover a problem and after a lot of work came up with a product or service to address it, you need to sell the hell out of that thing you have. I do not care what it is, you have to put it out there and compete.
And when I say compete I mean sell.

You know, uncover that need or urge, explore the actual problem and uncover all the implications that that problem brings to your customer. In the meantime you don’t get to talk. That’s why you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. You listen and ask a few key questions here and there. Once the person has personally verbalized his or her problem then, there’s a need for a solution.

A solution to whatever you sell, I still don't care what it is.

You see, each person wears an invisible pair of glasses. On the left eye they have their purpose and on the right one, there’s authenticity. That glass is individual and it's made out of culture, context and needs.

That means reality is subjective and depends on perceptions.
Purpose ignites motivations and authenticity puts a layer or values and integrity to that motivation. It’s always up to you and your situation.

So, coming back to the sale, you can tell by now you never sell what you sell. You sell what your customer wants to hear and what he happens to need at that point. You never sell what you’re selling.

When you cold call or mail, you need to gather information about the person who's about to pick up the phone. But most importantly, you need to get her situation, problem, implications and need of a solution.

The pipeline needs to be filled the whole time, but you assess each case at a time.
Because each person wears a different glass and because each person perceives in a unique way. It’s up to you to transform your service or product in a tailor made solution to be an enabler. To solve any issue that person has.


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