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Bengaluru: The Tech City

I have never been in a city like Bangalore. There’s many things particular to it, but the one that amazes me the most is the tech scene. Unlike any other country I have been to, you can actually see the companies thriving around and apparently, everything can be done through a phone.

Im working myself in the fastest growing hackers community in the world, HackerEarth. We have been around for the last 4 years and the growing curve is stepping up big time. I'm going brief on HE because I will extend later on, in another post.

Now the rest? It's big, quite big.
Among those that impress me the most I can name a few.

Headout: A fast growing marketplace for last minute tourism experiences.
Raised a bit under $2 million dollars.

Ola: I haven't use it, but I have seen is quite big. The Uber competitor is apparently cheaper and somehow reliable (several friends have told me their drivers are rude and careless). Ola is everywhere here Bengaluru. You only need a phone to call them and you can pay with credit or cash.

NestAway: I used it a lot when I was finding for a place. I found some places that looked like a scam, but overall it's a good place to search for properties in Bangalore. That being said, I just realized the way people define properties here: 1BHK means 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen. Theres 2BHK, 3 and so on.
Raised $1.5 million dollars.

Zoomcar: Is a Self-Drive car rental service which allows you to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month. Basically, they save you the cost and hassle of owning a car while giving you all the good parts: convenience, mobility, and independence. They have raised over $10 million dollars.

Swiggy: I haven't use it yet, but along FreshMenu is on my radar. Swiggy has zillions of drivers delivering food upside down. You see them everywhere, honking those damn bikes. Raised $15 millions ever since its creation.

Furlenco: The weirdest idea if you ask me, but once here in Bangalore, it makes sense. Renting furniture packages with while you inhabit a place. Prices are quite affordable and given the poor state of places visited through NestAway I think this startup could move forward.
$6 millions raised since its creation in 2014.

You have to remember Bangalore is the “indian silicon valley” we are sharing the city with Amazon, Google, Flipkart, Microsoft and the first of them all, Infosys.
In a city where power comes and go, there's hardly a sidewalk and traffic is chaotic, the transformation comes from a smartphone.

Like Shashi Tharoor said in his book “The elephant, the tiger and the phone”: the elephant got agile and dangerous thanks to that little phone.

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