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On eid, we decided to get on the car and go somewhere near Bangalore. Destination: Mysore, which according to Lonely Planet is a must when coming to the south of India.
Mysore has over 6 centuries of legacy and (for me) a great array of palaces and markets. It's also world known for its silk, sandalwood and incense production.

To see

Maharaja Palace: must be among the greatest royal palaces in India, it used to be the seat of the Wodeyar maharajas. The building was almost consumed by a fire and restored in 1912 by a british architect (who clearly did an impeccable job).
There´s an outstanding collection of sculptures and artefacts and the interior is breathtaking. Unfortunately we visited during daytime; every sunday and on holidays the whole palace comes alive at night with thousands of lightbulbs strategically placed to make it look beautiful.


Jayachamarajendra art gallery: I´m sorry but this place was depressing. From the outside appears to be abandoned. On the inside things don't´get better. It´s like all the memorabilia and kitsch elements stored here are waiting to be forgotten.

The Mysore Zoo: Surprisingly, the prices were the same for indians and foreigners (I guess it is because the zoo is run by privates). The place was amazing, I have never seen so many animals and this close. Tigers, giraffes, lions and a bunch I had no clue what they were.

To eat

The old house: The atmosphere was great. Big spaces, loads of natural light and a colorful sore next to the restaurant made it a great place to stop by.
We had pizza, coffee and cheesecake. We were almost the only clients at that point so attention was fast and nice. The menu is quite western but unfortunately they refuse to sell omelets after 12.00 PM

The way back

During our way to Mysore, we got 2 Bla Bla Car passengers. Around 16,30 one of them (who was going to go back with us to Bangalore) called saying the Government gave Tamil Nadu equals rights over Karnataka water (don't get what I'm saying? Check this out)
We needed to make a call: come back to Bangalore or spend the night in Mysore. We decided to come back.

After a huge detour and several close roads we got stuck in a village. The roadblocks were everywhere andby that time were tired and upset. So lot of things happened: we got almost stuck in a huge piece on land, I had to remove roadblocks by myself and at the end, coming back though Mysore Road, we were so close to burning cars that we could feel the heath. Certainly not happy to be there, specially when Bangalore police declared caulvery

At the end, Mysore was in a third plane, we were home safe after a quite intense roadtrip.

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