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Boring stuff (that I really enjoy)


Why do I have a website?

  • The joy of writing

  •  Learning and conducting digital experiments

  • Position myself online


  • Website built using Squarespace

  • I monetize with Google Adsense (only for some selected blog posts and for the mobile version of the site)

  • I take donation for my podcasts through Stripe

  • The font for the text in "raleway" by Google Fonts

  • I measure using Google Analytics and I visualize with Google Data Studio

  • The domain and subdomain are hosted with Google Domains

  • The map on the contact section is built with Google Maps

  • Other services I use on the site Google Tag Manager and Search Console by (you guess) Google

  • When I write I use the Hemingway editor and everything is saved in Google Drive

  • The website is published under Creative Commons license by-nc-sa

  • The blog is proudly written in a Macbook Air 11' 2014

  • I run A/B testing using Google Optimizer





I love to write about work, traveling and my personal thoughts. Curiously, I have just realize I write -on average- twice a month.

Post written per month

3 last years. Does not includes previous posts

PS. Why would I write all of this? After reading Kevin Kelly's "The inevitable" I learn the concept of digital higiene and this to me, means "auditing" the services I use in order to leave the irrelevant ones and consolidate my tools.

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