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1 Country = 1 Book

Lately, I have been reading about different topics at the same time; I get inspiration from The New York Times Books Review or the Reading Glasses Podcast to find new authors and my to-read list is always growing.

That made me realize how little I know about new and upcoming authors from the countries I have visited. Mostly, I know from South America, but Asia, Africa and Oceania and uncharted territory to me.

Here, I will try to start by reading 1 author from 1 of the 25th countries I have been to.  The whole idea is to push myself into new stories and world visions.

In case you'd like to connect on Goodreads, click here.

PS. I have only chosen novels written by someone from a specific country, not a foreigner writing about other country (eg. Gregory David Roberts writing about India in Shantaram)

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