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Visiting Stonehenge

Ever since I came to the UK I had Stonehenge on my bucket list. The mysterious structure was something I always wanted to see by myself and during December 2018, I did.

The 2 hours bus trip started on London Victoria and on this cloudy day, we reached the most famous prehistoric site on the planet.

It was built in several stages: the first monument was an early henge monument, built about 5,000 years ago, and the unique stone circle was erected in the late Neolithic period about 2500 BC. In the early Bronze Age many burial mounds were built nearby.

Before Stonehenge, I have been fortunate enough to visit places such as the Taj Mahal, see an Easter Island Moai (the one in the British museum), Machu Picchu, the middle of the world in Quito and also the Nazca Lines. All of them unique and beautiful.

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Por donde empezar con Explorabilia

Si es primera vez que te encuentras con Explorabilia, quise hacer esta guía para ayudarte a navegar los primeros episodios.

Explorabilia es un podcast semanal. Cada temporada dura 11 capítulos (+ un bonus track) y hasta ahora tenemos 2 temporadas al aire.

Hemos entrevistado a personas de Chile, Estados Unidos, España, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil y Perú.

Para mí, Explorabilia es una expedición donde nos adentramos en la vida de cada invitado a fin de conocerlos en profundidad. Explorabilia no es un podcast de emprendedores, pero sí de mujeres y hombres valientes que han forjado un nicho en su industria.

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