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Leadership from below: The Ordinary Heroes of the Taj Hotel

A few days ago I watched “Hotel Mumbai” a film that depicts the awful events that happened 11 years ago [November 26th 2008] when a group of terrorists attacked several key parts of the city killing over 150 innocent people.

I vaguely remembered the facts, so I went into an internet frenzy to understand more about this atrocity. After a few clicks, I ran into this wonderful video that aims to explain one of the most intriguing things about this: why the Taj Mumbai Hotel employees decided not to escape but help all the guest that were trapped with them?

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Product Management Series: 1Password

I have decided to spend time analysing products I can ́t live without. I think is a great exercise to understand trends, solutions and execution of products that are changing the way we work.

This series will be analysing exclusively products I love and I can ́t live without. 

The first post, will be dedicated to 1Password, my go-to product for online security.

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