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The concept of Extreme Ownership

One of the last good books I have read on management was High Output Management. One of the many principles described on the book was "extreme ownership", or why every manager is accountable for the output of his team.

This extreme ownership delves on how and why a person should be accountable for everything he or she does, no matter what.

Discipline and clarity are 2 things I have been working on for many years. I have been constantly shaping myself to endure stress and pressure. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this book so much, because it validates my ideas and train of thoughts.

The principles listed by Jocko Willink, a former SEAL marine are:

  • The leader must own everything on her world (and every person down the line act be the same)
  • Leaders must enforce standards and show what they preach
  • A leader must be a true believer of the mission
  • A great leader can control his ego
  • Teamwork above all. Each member on the team is critical to success
  • Simplifying as much as possible is critical to success
  • The leader has to remain calm to make cold calls and tough decisions
  • Teams must broke down into manageable units with decentralized power
  • Define clear and actionable directives for the team
  • Lead down the chain so everyone is aligned
  • Lead up the chain to upper management
  • The have to act decisively amidst uncertainty

The dichotomies of leadership

  • Confident but not cocky
  • Courageous but not foolhardy
  • Competitive but a gracious loser
  • Attentive to details but not obsessed by them
  • Strong but have endurance
  • A leader and a follower
  • Humble not passive
  • Aggressive not overbearing
  • Quiet not silent
  • Calm but not robotic, logical but not devoid of emotions
  • Close with the team but to so close either
  • Able to execute extreme ownership while exercising decentralized command

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