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Thank you @HackerEarth

Many moons ago, I was involved in several rounds of interviews at the same time. At the end, I had 2 job offers on the table and one flight to Lima. The flight was not directly related to those offers but it was the perfect catalyst for me to ponder and evaluate those options.

At the end, I said yes to a fast growing startup based out in Bangalore India. I was going to join HackerEarth.

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#3 Keeping your competitive advantage: delivery

Today, brand new companies like Flirtey are going a step further by using drones that could carry almost anything on time (86% of Amazon inventory, weights less than 5 pounds, a weight a normal drone can comfortably move). The company is currently delivering Domino’s pizzas in New Zealand and also medical supplies in the US. So far, they are leading a brand new industry in which Alibaba, Amazon and Walmart (among many others) are running to lead.

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To expand a company: Foreign markets adventures

This year has been quite challenging. It was the first time I had to help in expanding a company to foreign markets, especially the US and Europe.

After 6 months, I'm happy with the results and signed deals in Africa, US, Central - South America and Europe.


I have had the chance to engage in discussions and business meetings with professionals from Kenya, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Australia, Italy, US or Germany. Each has different ways to conduct meetings, negotiate and close deals. You can read more about it here. It has been quite rewarding and different.


Now, after all those deals, partnerships and resellers have been signed. What weighs the most? Revenue and user acquisition (later on, retention and profit).

I have no clue what makes a good number, but I do know that is quite difficult to make inroads in new markets where competition has the first mover advantage or the entry barriers are quite high for an x amount of reasons.

What are my learnings after this first half in India?

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