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Bangalore, India

Ya llevo 8 meses en Bangalore y nunca he escrito “mucho” sobre mi nuevo hogar.

Bangalore está ubicada al sur de India y es el corazón de la escena IT. Desde que Infosys puso sus HQ aquí (Nandan Nilekani, uno de los founder es originario de Bangalore) la ciudad se ha transformado en uno de los epicentros del país. Bangalore es cosmopolita, tiene uno de los mejores climas en India y buena conexión con ciudades-puerto como Chennai y Kerala.

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Bengaluru: The Tech City

I have never been in a city like Bangalore. There’s many things particular to it, but the one that amazes me the most is the tech scene. Unlike any other country I have been to, you can actually see the companies thriving around and apparently, everything can be done through a phone.

Im working myself in the fastest growing hackers community in the world, HackerEarth We have been around for the last 4 years and the growing curve is stepping up big time.  I'm going brief on HE because I will extend later on, in another post.

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